Does hidden

bioburden plague

your surgical tools?

Cleaner. Faster. Smarter.


Cleans robotic, cannulated and non-cannulated instruments simultaneously

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Completes all cycles in less than 40 minutes

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Largest capacity of any unit on the market

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Ultrasonic means CLEAN

Most washing machines simply wash surgical tools, which may leave behind microscopic residues that increase the risk of patient infection. Skytron Surgical’s unique washing machine uses ultrasonic technology to thoroughly clean surgical instruments. *

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Skytron Surgical offers more

Automated Washing

Yields consistent, repeatable results

Open Tank

Fits baskets of all sizes

Enzymatic Soak

Loosens and breaks down bioburden

Interior Lumen Flush

Cleans the areas that brushes cannot

Ozonated Rinse

Removes additional residue


Ready, reliable and experienced

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The Skytron flex exceeds FDA and AAMI standards for cleanliness, processes instruments faster, and is more cost-effective than other cleaning equipment. How can we help you today?