Cleaner surgical instruments can help your hospital win the war on HAIs.

Do these look clean to you?

Would you want them used on you or a family member?

These cannulated suction devices were cleaned per the manufacturer’s manual instructions (6.4 ug/cm2 Protein and 2.2 ug/cm2 Hemoglobin).

A better way to clean medical instruments

The Skytron Flex is a mechanized system that eliminates the three biggest problems in most cleaning processes:

  • Manual Cleaning – Results are inconsistent because training, performance, workload and other factors influence reliability.
  • Using the Wrong Tools – Brushes may not be the right size. They may be too large to get inside small devices or too small to reach the outer walls of various lumen instruments and eliminate all bioburden.
  • Finding Alternatives – The Sprint is a revolutionary product born out of technologies that were crafted in other industries. Now, the Sprint is here for healthcare.

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The Skytron Flex exceeds FDA and AAMI standards for cleanliness, processes instruments faster, and is more cost-effective than other cleaning equipment. How can we help you today?

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