Cleaner equipment. Faster processing. Smarter solution.

This is what sets the Skytron Flex apart from other ultrasonic washing equipment.

Improved technology + processes = Cleaner instruments

Manual cleaning processes are prone to error. The Skytron Flex uses proprietary technology adapted from other industries to meet AAMI standards for cleanliness.

Simply load the Skytron Flex and the multi-step process cleans all of your instruments in less than 40 minutes.

Here are some of the “hard to clean” instruments that the Sprint can clean:*

  •  Surgery robotic instruments
  •  Orthopedic instruments
  •  Neuro/Suction tips
  •  Laparoscopic instruments
  •  Non-cannulated instruments

And many more!

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Surgical equipment should be clean

The Skytron Flex is adapted from existing technology used in the aerospace, automotive and food/beverage industries where manufacturers’ testing is rigorous and robust. The Sprint brings that technology to the health care industry.

See How Much A Sprint Can Save You!

Skytron Flex’s specifications

The Sprint is an ultrasonic washer and disinfector designed specifically for cannulated and non-cannulated surgical instruments.

  • 52″W x 41″D x 42″H
  • Single-tank system filled with incoming 120 F facility water
  • Digital frequency generation and control
  • High efficiency – low heat buildup
  • HF output power – 2,000 watts
  • HF peak power – 4,000 watts
  • Frequency – 40 kHz sweep with a sweep of +/- 2 kHz
  • Washer supply – 480V/3 phase 50A, 60 Hz

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The Skytron Flex exceeds FDA and AAMI standards for cleanliness, processes instruments faster, and is more cost-effective than other cleaning equipment. How can we help you today?

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