What’s the price of “clean enough?”

The Skytron Flex eliminates the need for multiple pieces of equipment, while greatly improving cleaning quality and reducing the risk of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

1.7 million HAIs per year

Some studies estimate that the cost of treating HAI’s is nearly $16.6 billion per year.2

1. Public Health Reports, March-April 2007, Vol. 22.

2. Hospital Topics, July-September 2010, Vol. 88.

*$16.6B across ~3,970 U.S. hospitals

4.5 infections per 100 admissions1

More infections can raise the cost-per-case by 40 percent.4

4. HealthLeaders Media, January-February 2016.

9.3 infections per 1,000 patient days5

Just one infection is too many, especially from the patient’s perspective.

5. World Health Organization

$16.6 billion

The estimated cost of HAIs is exorbitant. Much of that cost can be reduced with more consistent cleaning of surgical instruments.

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